Why Cartagena, Colombia is a must see in lifetime and why it’s a great place to learn Spanish on holiday?

Why Cartagena, Colombia is a must see in lifetime

After having a glazy and pleasing night, you wake up late and step outside your room to breeze the salty air blowing in from the Caribbean. Your day begins with the tropical fruit which you bought from the smiling dressed in colorful and vibrant dresses. Starting your day with one of the best coffee you have ever had and fueling your body for visiting the cobblestone streets of a beautiful historical city. These are some of the things which you can do in Cartagena, Colombia.

Here are a few reasons why Cartagena is a must-see in a lifetime and why it is a great place to learn Spanish on holidays?

Cartagena Intro

The first Spanish colony in the Americas was Cartagena and it is located on the Caribbean Sea which makes it one of the important port cities. Conquistador shipped the treasure they got from this beautiful colony back to Spain and also imported slaves from Africa. For defending the city and its wealth from pirates, they built a huge fortress. The city remained under Spanish rule for almost 275 years. Cartagena was one of the first cities to rise against Spain and declaring its independence from the rest of the country in 1811 under the leadership of a great leader Simon Bolivar. If you visit Cartagena around this November, you can enjoy the huge fiesta and street parties. The walled city of Cartagena was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 due to its historical importance and amazing architecture. Though it is a renowned example of architecture it is not the only reason to visit Cartagena. It is one of the most popular city of Colombia for tourists and thanks to wide sandy beaches, tasty cuisines, and crazy nightlife. If you want to give a thrill and fun to your life, Cartagena is the right place for you. Though there are various things which you can do in Cartagena such as fun on the beach, crazy nightlife, and visiting historical places but, there are also other things which can you do in Cartagena. Well, we will not ruin your fun by telling you all about the Cartagena but here are few things which you can do in Cartagena.

Free walking Tour

One of the best ways to know the historical Cartagena city is by taking a free walking tour. Just have the services of a knowledgeable local guide and he will lead you through the city streets while also telling you about the enthralling history. There are various things which you will learn with this walking tour such as why few door handles have lizards and others have lion on them. The tours are offered twice a day at 10 AM and 4 PM in English and Spanish.

Visit San Felipe Castle

San Felipe Castle is one of the most famous landmarks in Cartagena due to its enriched history and strong architecture. The castle was built back in 1657 to protect the city and its wealth from pirates who were always there to loot the wealth of Europe. You can enjoy the view of the city from the castle and can also explore the maze-like tunnels.

Why Cartagena, Colombia is a must see in lifetime2

Getsemani Neighborhood

The Getsemani neighborhood appears to be a bit rough as it was once a hub of prostitution and drugs. But, now it has changed and you can wander in it freely. You will come across some amusing street art along with various bars, cafes, and shops. The main square of the neighborhood is filled with locals and backpackers at night to enjoy the street food and cheap booze.

Palenqueras Fruit

One of the first things which you will notice is the group of women dressed in vibrant colors selling fruit. Commonly known as Palenqueras, these fruit vendors are an important part of the history and great sellers. They came from San Basilio de Palenque, an important town south of Cartagena. This town has the prestige of being the first place in the Americas which abolished slavery. You can take photos with these women by paying a few bucks and also have tasty fruit.

Why Cartagena, Colombia is a must see in lifetime3

Visit Beach Bummin

Beach Bummin is also another important tourist attraction due to the sun and sand. It is a fine place for afternoon lounging, having cheap beer and tasty seafood, but you can access other beaches by traveling a bit more that are not only warm and cozy but also a fun place to hang out with friends. The best place is Playa Blanc where you can find powdery sand and shinning water all day. One can even stay overnight to enjoy and relax.

Island Hopping

Taking a boat tour to Rosario Islands is also another thing to do in Cartagena. This archipelago is situated about 100km off the coast and it is also a natural national park. The park was created to protect the natural coral reefs in the Caribbean. Finding a tour to visit these islands is not a difficult thing but be sure to travel with a good company or you can even ask Nueva Lengua to arrange a tour for you. Nueva Lengua is one of the best places to learn Spanish during holidays in Colombia.

Enjoy Tasty Seafood

Due to its location, Cartagena is home to some amazing and yummy seafood. You can easily have a set meal in local join in which you can have different food items in a reasonable budget. The seafood of Cartagena is yummy and you can taste different items while not putting any load on your pocket.

Learn Dancing

Learning dance is one of the best things to do in Cartagena. Dancing is an important part of Caribbean culture and the best thing to kill time for locals. You can learn different dances here such as Bachata, Merengue, or even salsa which is killing here. If you are a shy person, hit a few rum drinks and it will help you to loosen up and enjoy the Caribbean life. There are many places to enjoy in Cartagena and you can avail it according to your pocket.

Study Spanish

Cartagena is home to Spanish language and if you are planning to travel around the Caribbean, you might need to learn the Spanish language first for making your experience more fun. Learning Spanish is one of the best things to do in Cartagena as it is a great platform. Cartagena offers various Spanish courses in different schools but Nueva Lengua is one of the best schools in Cartagena. Nueva Lengua has a team of dedicated professionals who are expert in their field and makes the learning process fun and easier for you. It is not only the learning process that is made fun by Nueva Lengua but it also helps its students to find the best accommodation and even arranges tours for the city to provide a complete experience for its students. If you are going to learn Spanish from Nueva Lengua, the administration will not only make your trip rememberable but also fun and worth spending.

Well, these are few reasons which make Cartagena a must-see in a lifetime. We have just covered a few important things which you can do in Cartagena but the list is way more than that. It is such a place where you cannot only have fun but also learn the Spanish language in a friendly environment. Nueva Lengua makes the learning process easier and with a course at Nueva Lengua, you can have a sound command on Spanish language and interact with others easily. Learning the Spanish language on holidays is one of the first things to do in Cartagena. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bag and travel to Colombia to experience its glazing lifestyle and warm and cozy beaches.

All the articles in this blog have been written by the teachers of our school and by students from different countries who traveled to Colombia to learn Spanish.

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