Welcome to our new Spanish students!!

Every Monday it’s a new start at Nueva Lengua! Sometimes it’s a Tuesday when Monday is a Colombian bank holiday.

Even though lot of people hate to start a new week, we love it! Every Monday we receive new students from all over the world in our Spanish schools. We look forward to Mondays because we have the chance to get to know new, amazing people!

That’s why we celebrate every Monday in a great way. We offer a welcome lunch to all our new students to make them feel more “at home”.

Every school has its own menu, depending on the specialty of the city.

In Bogotà, for example, we offer “Ajiaco”. This is a traditional soup made with different types of potatoes, chicken, avocado and many other ingredients. You will find out more when you will arrive in Bogotà when we will offer you this dish. 😉

Take a look at this video to get an idea of how a normal Monday at Nueva Lengua in Bogotà is like!



So, how is the Caribbean food?

Of course we have a special menu in Cartagena too, so you can taste the real Caribbean flavor as soon as you arrive!

“Mojarra frita, arroz con coco y patacones”: a typical fried fish with coconut rice (our favorite!) and fried platanes. We feel hungry just naming it!

Look at this video and tell us if you feel hungry, too!



Are you curious to know about our typical welcome lunch in Medellín?

Well, we can show you the happy faces of our students while eating it, but you have to come in person to check out how tasty it is!

study spanish


We are looking forward to having you with us in one of our schools, to study Spanish with us, and of course to share some typical Colombian food! 😉

All the articles in this blog have been written by the teachers of our school and by students from different countries who traveled to Colombia to learn Spanish.

Travel as well and study Spanish at NUEVA LENGUA

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