Why Medellín is the best city to study Spanish

Studying Spanish in Colombia is one of the best decision you can make!

Colombia is the perfect place to study Spanish for many reasons. These reasons  include being surrounded by the incredible beauty that exists within both the land scape of Colombia and within the friendly people you will meet here. Also, Colombians are know to have one of the clearest accents in South America, making it easier to understand the locals while you are learning the language.

Studying Spanish in Medellín is an experience that could change your life!

We know that the city is very famous abroad for its turbulent past, however, it truly is in the past.  Today Medellin is a vibrant, energetic, thriving city, where you may feel so at home that you don’t want to leave.

We would love for you to be surprised, but we will tell you at least some of the reasons why Medellín is the best place to study Spanish, so you can start to get as excited as we are!



As soon as you step out of your plane, you will feel the warm air brushing your face, like when you feel the spring air after a long and dark winter! Do you know what the best part of it is? The Spring like weather is here year round!

In Medellín you will definitely not need a heavy coat and your short sleeves will be your every day outfit!

Isn’t that enough to choose Medellín as your city to study Spanish? 🙂



Colombians are friendly and welcoming everywhere in the country, but in Medellín they are “extra” friendly! They are very proud of their city and their region which is called Antioquia. That’s why they can’t wait to have you in their city to show you around.

Many people find it to be a lot of fun to practice Spanish with the friendly locals from Medellin. Studying with Nueva Lengua you will have a perfect combination of Spanish classes in the morning with one of our incredible teachers, fun cultural activities in the afternoon with the school, and opportunities to hang out with some lovely locals at night and on the weekends! Is it not the perfect plan?

Night life

Our Spanish school in Medellín is located in El Poblado, one of the best areas of the city. Only a short walk from the school you will find Parque Lleras, which is in the heart of “Zona Rosa”, this is the part of a city where all the best night life is.

In Parque Lleras you will find many restaurants with various cuisines, bars, pubs, clubs and many people excited to be in Medellin!

Amusement is ensured! 😉



Bandeja Paisa is one of the most famous dishes in Colombia, and it is the local cuisine in Medellin! It is absolutely delicious, and it is sure to fill you up. It comes with: beef, pork, sausage, beans, rice, plantains, avocado and an egg. You will not need to eat anything else for the day! This will surly be a meal you will not forget for a very long time! 😛

It’s not all about heavy food in Medellín. You will find a vast array of fruits, some that you know of and many you probably have never seen or tasted before. When you study Spanish with us in Medellin, you will get the chance to visit a traditional local market, or “plaza de mercado”, where you will be able to taste many of the delicious exotic fruits!

study Spanish Medellín


Parque Arví is a big forest in the city of Medellín that you can get to by being lifted high above the city on a cable car. It is an amazing place where you can breathe clean air,  walk through nature, observe different species of birds, walk, hike or ride your bike, and or relax while enjoying some local food, including the typical arequipe (caramel).

But this is not all! The Botanic Garden is another place where you can walk and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, while observing 600 different species of trees and plants and admiring the beautiful butterflies.



One of the favorite activities of the Paisas (that’s what Colombians call the people from Medellín) during the weekend and holidays, is visiting some of the beautiful little towns outside of the city.

The region has several different little unique towns you can visit. Guatapé, is a colorful town beside a large lake,  an ideal place to spend a day exploring of just relaxing, and it is only an hour outside of the city.  You can also explore Jardín, located only 3 hours by bus from Medellín, and is surrounded by beautiful nature and coffee plantations!

Of course when you study Spanish in Medellín with Nueva Lengua we will be happy to show you this amazing city and have lots of fun together!


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All the articles in this blog have been written by the teachers of our school and by students from different countries who traveled to Colombia to learn Spanish.

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