Oscar Jackson

Oscar Jackson

I studied with Nueva Lengua for eight weeks. I came to Colombia to learn Spanish and I heard that the accent here is more neutral and I was interested in the culture. I chose to study in Cartagena because it is a historic city and there are lots of beaches nearby. The school is in a good location close to lots of restaurants and is only a five minute walk from the historic center.The classes were organised but at the same time promoted speaking and improved your conversation. It’s a small school so it has a nice atmosphere and all the teachers are very kind and helpful. There were lots of activities after school, like for example trips to the beach and there were cooking and dancing classes.I also liked that most of the activities were free. The city is very pretty and it has lots of things to do. The best beaches are a bit outside the city but are worth the time. I stayed with a family and I would recommend it a lot because they were extremely nice. I also believe it is much better for improving your Spanish if you speak it all the time. I wish I had more time here, but I would like to thank everyone at Nueva Lengua. I enjoyed it a lot!

All the articles in this blog have been written by the teachers of our school and by students from different countries who traveled to Colombia to learn Spanish.

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