Monique Gerau

Monique Gerau

Arrived in tropical Cartagena in January 2015, happy to escape the long Canadian winter and determined to learn some basic spanish.  Researched several spanish schools in the area and zeroed in on Escuela Nueva Lengua in Getsemani as they seemed well-organized, professional and fun.   After three weeks of classes, I can confidently confirm that my impressions were correct.  The staff is always keen to help, the atmosphere is friendly, the activities are interesting, the location is easy to get to with a multitude of shops and restaurants around, the teachers are enthusiastic and well qualified – it’s all great!.

As for the city well, if I were selfish, I would tell you that it’s like any old city in the world – but it’s not!  If I were selfish, I would tell you that Colombianos are just like any other culture in the world – but they’re not!  If I were selfish, I would tell you that the climate here isn’t that great – but it’s not!  If I were selfish, I would tell you that it’s dangerous to come here and you know what?  IT IS, because when you discover this place, the danger is that you will never want to leave!  So if you are selfish, please don’t come.  If you are negligent of the environment, please don’t come.  If you are irrespectful of other cultures and you want to change them to reflect your own, please, please, don’t come. Because Colombia is as perfect as they come!  This world is facing many challenges and Colombia my friend is ahead of the game, as this culture has what it takes – heart and soul.

All the articles in this blog have been written by the teachers of our school and by students from different countries who traveled to Colombia to learn Spanish.

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