Mike Hancock

Mike Hancock

I arrived in Bogotá in July 2014 with the intention of living here with my wife for about 2 years. At first I was enjoying my time in the city but my knowledge of the language was not sufficiently developed to connect with and know the culture, or to find a job. When I started to study at the school my experience of the city and of the life in Colombia were transformed.


The teachers are very kind and have a very advanced knowledge of their country. Their ability to teach people of all levels is wonderful. Not only have they helped me to explore the fantastic Colombian culture, they have also helped me to improve my Spanish to the point where it has been possible to find a job in the city. I am very grateful to everyone at the school and always look forward to visiting to say hello.



All the articles in this blog have been written by the teachers of our school and by students from different countries who traveled to Colombia to learn Spanish.

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