Clifford Lester

Clifford Lester

The opportunity to send three weeks in Colombia was quite a surprise for me. I planned to spend the summer at home, while my sister would go to Colombia, so when the plan changed I did not know what to expect. Nevertheless, my entire experience has been terrific. The airport pickup was waiting and friendly, which relived a lot of my initial stress. I enjoyed spending a week with a host family, and Casa Lomba was clean and safe.


I enjoyed the less structured class format in Cartagena, because talking about important an interesting issues helped me much more with the listing and speaking skills that I did not already have. All the students are extremely friendly, and I hope to keep in contact with many of them.


In summary, Cartagena is a lively city with a strong culture and friendly people who are always willing to take a picture or give directions, and Nueva Lengua is a school I would recommend to others.



Clifford Lester

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