Español y turismo

Colombia, un país ubicado en el norte de Suramérica, ofrece una gran diversidad cultural, por su gente, y natural, por toda su variedad en ecosistemas y paisajes. Este país ha enfrentado grandes cambios sociales y […]

Spanish in old age

Everybody has probably wondered about the best age to learn a language. In some cases, it depends on life’s opportunities as education or work promotions. In others, when parents realize which age is the best […]

San Basilio de Palenque

Colombia is a great country to spend holidays as it not only takes you back to historical places but also provides the true scenery and allows to explore nature. There are many places in Colombia […]

Travel to Colombia and Learn Spanish

With the advancement in technology, the world has become a global village and globalization has not only resulted in the advancement of companies but also provide various job opportunities to individuals from different cultures. Previously, […]

Guaduas Town

There come various events in our lives when we just simply don’t know what is going on with our lives and what is the thing which is lacking in our life? In order to overcome […]