Archivo por días: 8 junio, 2016

Douglas Hamilton

These were a great opportunity to get to know the other students and teachers, and of course to practice Spanish! Bogota is an amazing city, with so much to offer, I strongly encourage you to spend some time at Nueva Lengua and immerse yourself in the incredible culture that is Colombia.

Jennifer y Luc Robillard

There are several things that particularly impressed us about Nueva Lengua: the people, the underlying structure/philosophy of the school and the activities. Above all, it is the community of Nueva Lengua that made our experience so extraordinary. Our teachers were professional, interesting and encouraging. I am a language teacher also (French and English as a Second Language) and I learned much more than Spanish from our talented teachers!

Sébastien Cornette

Nueva Lengua est l’école idéale pour qui veut apprendre ou améliorer son espagnol tout en découvrant la culture du pays. Je me suis installé à Bogotá pour une durée d’un an et je ne parlais pas du tout espagnol avant d’arriver. Je suis resté trois mois à l’école durant lesquels j’ai acquis des bases solides, indispensables à la vie de tous les jours et à la poursuite d’une activité (travail, études, …)

Gregory Ellam (ENGLAND)

Great school, excellent teachers, fun freeactivities after classes, friendly and social atmosphere. I really enjoyed mytime there and highly recommend it! I liked the relaxed but professionalteaching style and enjoyed attending classes each day.

Sarah Hatch

It was a wonderful experience. I found the school responsive to my needs. I had studied Spanish in college for two years and once spent 6 weeks in Peru, but this was 40 years ago! Although I did well on the placement test, it was clear the intermediate class was too hard so the school arranged for me to have special lessons until other students arrived who were at my level.