10 activities to enjoy while studying Spanish in Cartagena

Studing in Cartagena is an awesome experience! You can enjoy a lot of fiestas, every night there is something to do, people love to chill outside their houses, and of course you can enjoy the Caraibean sun.

It might be difficult sometimes to focus on your spanish grammar and the afternoon siesta will tempt you to relax little bit too long every afternoon instead of spending time doing your homework!

But the good (very good!) side of studying spanish at Nueva Lengua is that you can enjoy a lot of activities while you will enjoy yourself, learn and experience the colombian culture and the local life, while you keep learning and practising your spanish language skills!

Not sure what I’m talking about?

Have a look at this 10 activities you can enjoy while studying spanish in Cartagena:


Rumba in chiva

A real, big party in a tipical colombian bus!

Nueva Lengua Cartagena


Volcàn del Totutmo

A funny bath into the mud that will leave your skin smooth and relaxed!


volcano del Totumo

Bike tour

An afternoon biking across the historic centre and other famous historical spot of the city ending with the view of an amazing sunset!


Nueva Lengua Cartagena


Mangroove tour

A wonderful and magic nature with a lot of biodiversity living in there

Nueva Lengua Cartagena


Cooking class

Learn to cook (and eat later!) some of the best caribbean typical dishes

Nueva Lengua Cartagena


Teach English to the kids

and learn Spanish with them!


Nueva Lengua Cartagena


San Felipe fortress

Learn about the most formidable defensive complex of Spanish military architecture with a local guide and enjoy this wonderful view!

Nueva Lengua, Cartagena



Water sports like kayak

You can learn a lot of new terms while enjoying some water sports in one of the beaches in Cartagena

Nueva Lengua Cartagena


Leisure time on the beach


Nueva Lengua Cartagena


Experience some local, fresh, fish!

Nueva Lengua, Cartagena


Pack you bag and come to enjoy Cartagena while studying spanish at Nueva Lengua!

All the articles in this blog have been written by the teachers of our school and by students from different countries who traveled to Colombia to learn Spanish.

Travel as well and study Spanish at NUEVA LENGUA

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