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Many things enriched my experience at Nueva Language, but the one thing that stands out in my mind, was the opportunity I had to volunteer.  When I opted to volunteer, I didn’t really know what that meant, but when I began classes, I soon discovered another part of Colombia I would come to love and cherish.  
One afternoon during my first week, Pedro drove me to the Fundacion.  Upon arriving we were given a tour, in which Pedro translated everything to me.  Here I found an institution, that provides housing for many orphaned children ranging from a few months to 18 years, as well as pregnant troubled mothers.  It is an institution funded by the government, with a foundation built on strong morals and beliefs that are very strong and cohesive, providing a good environment for the children to learn and grow. After the tour, I made the decision to go there 3 times a week after classes for 2-3 hours at a time.  There are many ways to help out with the children, but I chose to help them with their English. 

Over my four weeks volunteering, I grew to love some of the children, and the staff.  Not only was I helping them with various things, but they were helping me to know another side of life.  I could tell how important my presence was and how much the children looked forward to my visits.  It was very rewarding, and very meaningful.  I wanted my trip to Colombia to be more than just sightseeing, and taking Spanish.  And this option to volunteer really brought it together, and gave me the enlightened experience I was looking for.