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 Testimonial on learning Spanish at the Nueva Lengua  School

                        To: Rafael M. Fonseca

                        Pedro Nino

 Dear Rafael and Pedro:

  I would like to thank you and your staff for making my training in Spanish in Medellin, Colombia a very enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

I wish to thank the teachers – Paula and Ana  for their warmth , patience and kindness.  Both Paula and Ana are very qualified and outstanding teachers and I would be happy to to have them again as my teachers. I want to thank Paula for the tours to the hospital and the Mall. I really learnt a lot from these trips.

I must add that the family  (Olga Luz and her two sons) I stayed with were very kind and  caring . They made me feel a part of the family.  This is a great family to stay with and to experience the Medellin cuisine and hospitality.

The training in Spanish was excellent and the classes were well organized. I would strongly recommend Medellin as my first choice to study Spanish because of the great teachers, the weather- eternal spring. and the environment in which  the classes are conducted. The classes are conducted at the Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia.

This University is very convenient for business people and other students because you can use the internet and all the other facilities including the university library.

I would like to add that Medellin is a very  safe city and the people are very friendly and helpful.  I felt very comfortable and safe in Medellin. In addition to learning Spanish here, there are lots of things to do and places to visit in Medellin and the outlying areas.

In General Colombia is a very beautiful country and rich in history . The people are very kind and wonderful.   I must admit that the Paisa women are the most beautiful in the world.

And finally I must thank both Pedro and Rafael Fonseca for putting it altogether for me and making it a success.

 A special thanks to Rafael for making my study in Spanish in Medellin a success.

Without a doubt, the Nueva Lengua school  is a great school for anyone to learn Spanish.

Lloyd Soobrian

Student July 2005