: nuevalengua

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I learned a lot about the culture on the Colombian coast, Spanish and of course salsa in Cartagena and Nueva Lengua. The students were great to hang out with, Centro de snorkeling was great to go to las islas with, my professor, Ricardo, was great to study with and the salsa teacher, Yulis,
has helped change my life when I go to clubs...I´ve got some good moves to practice when I go back to New York. The people in Cartagena are pretty friendly...for example, when you seem really lost in the streets, most will walk you to your destination. It´s a time I will remember. And I am already talking about returning to Cartagena. My suggestion is to get someone to take you to the nightclubs outside of the center which are much cooler. The director of the school, Jesus, is a good candidate for a nightclub tour guide... que vaya bien....Wepa!