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Please do not trust a word on this page it's all lies. The site is too modest and intentionally downplays and even outright lies about the quality of this program. For whatever reason it omits the fact that the staff are the nicest people on the planet. Not only are they attentive to all your needs and concerns about your education , but they go as far as they can to make sure that your entire experience while in Colombia (in and out of the school )is as positive as it humanly can be. Where is this in the brochure or on the website? Distortions and lies here, nothing but distortions and lies. Where does this website talk about how the quality of education is absolutely phenomenal? Where does it mention that the instructors are simply extraordinary? It just seems obvious that all this information should be included on the website, yet Pedro, for whatever reason, has decided to distort these obvious facts. So please, don't let Pedro's dishonesty steer you away from learning Spanish at Nueva Lengua, you will have the time of your life while there!

Brandon Petit

University of Illinois at Springfield