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Nueva Lengua was the third language school our family had attended. It was the first to put us with a family that had a child with whom our 12-year-old could relate. When my wife couldn't come due to an emergency, they were very flexible and helpful. The family with whom we stayed was simply wonderful and the house was just around the corner from the school, which is in a beautiful neighborhood. Cartagena was very safe and a great tourist destination.
The instruction was well organized into lesson packets. Mine covered the cities of Colombia, the Colombian civil war, the individual rights section of the Colombian constitution, and the Trojan war. They created three new ones for my son, two based on cartoons and one on animals. All the students did one on the ecology of the islands where we went on one of our activities, which included the boat ride, snorkeling and lunch. Our other activity was a visit to an organization that works with street children and to a mud volcano (try it, you'll like it).
We had a great experience with Nueva Lengua in Cartagena. There is something about being in a real city that challenges you to become fluent, but at the same time there is a safety net of tourism and the school to give you confidence and support.
Roger Friedman
Atlanta, Georgia