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Learn spanish in Bogotá

Learn Spanish in Bogota, Colombia. A city in the Andean region

Bogotá is a city that keeps growing and has a population (including the surroundings) of 8 million people coming from different places of Colombia and from all over the world. In the city you will find beautiful colonial and republican houses and also modern buildings. There are more than 50 museums like the gold museum, the National museum, the Botero museum, The Silva poetry house, the Quinta de Bolivar, Maloka, The Modern Art Museum, The Colon Theater and the Luis Angel Arango Library among others.

It is a city loved by its inhabitants who are very friendly. In the country side you will find the Guatavita lagoon, where the story of “El Dorado” legend took place (El Dorado is the name the Spaniards gave to the place where indigenous people used to store the gold), the salt cathedral of Zipaquirá, the Neusa Lake and thousands of country restaurants that are weekend gateways for Bogotá citizens.
There are a lot of opportunities to practice sports. Every sunday you can enjoy the "Ciclovia": kilometers of roads that are closed for cars across the city, and is used by thousands of athletes and bicycle riders.

Bogotá as well as all Colombian and Latin-American cities, is a place where the social and economical differences are well defined and you should be prepared to see groups of poor people. This will make an impact on you and you will also be able to understand most of the problems that non developed countries have to face. In Nueva Lengua we believe that all enterprises and individuals have a responsibility, that´s why we have the Commitment to Social Responsibility.



The school is located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Bogota, Quinta Camacho. It is close to the rapid transit bus stop FLORES (in TransMilenio, the extensive modern mass transportation system in Bogota).  In addition, if you want to enjoy some Colombian food, art, and entertainment in this area, there are many nice restaurants, galleries, bookshops, and coffee shops.   

Only 15 minutes to the Candelaria historic area; only 10 minutes to the financial area.





Our address in Bogota:
Calle69 No.11A-09, barrio Quinta Camacho, Bogotá Colombia
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