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Nueva Lengua Spanish school in Cartagena. 


Cartagena, a perfect city for your lessons,

Cartagena is a fantastic city that guards the secrets of history in its walls, balconies, buildings and narrow cobbled streets. It is said that you do not know the Caribbean until you know Cartagena, its people and culture. In the Old City you are going to find fantastic restaurants, clubs and museums, have a short trip on coach or see the arquitecture; be prepared to enjoy its delicious gastronomy, beaches and all the activities the city offers.


Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage City, and on the “must see” lists of millions of world travellers. Ramparts and walls were built all around the city in order to protect it from pirate attacks. The forts of San José and San Sebastián and the castles of San Felipe de Barajas and San Fernando y Las Bóvedas are still standing today, after nearly 500 years old. This majestic city on the South-western Caribbean retains much the charm, history, architecture, romance and adventure of days gone by.



Nearby Cartagena is located the famous Rosary Islands Natural Park, which is a group of coral islands with the best beaches near Cartagena. Only 40 minutes from Cartagena is the Totumo swamp which is a shallow fresh water lake besides the sea. This is a paradisiacal place where a huge variety of migratory and non migratory birds nests are found, being a delight for tourist and locals. There you can take a bath into the crater of a volcano, because mud volcano is famous for being good for the skin. Other thing that you should do is visit the charming restaurants and clubs inside of the so called Old City.



Pictures of Nueva Lengua Spanish school in Cartagena



Our school Nueva Lengua Cartagena is located in the fortified city on a traditional neighborhood: Getsemaní. It is one of the most typical and colorful of the city. The school is closed to places of historial importances, such as: the Old City, Plaza de la trinidad, the church of San Pedro Claver, Plaza de Santo Domingo, and so on. Also, it is located in a colonial house where you can enjoy a nice and comfortable environment while you take your spanish lessons. 


Our Spanish teachers in Cartagena




Our address in Cartagena:


Calle 28 (Callejón Ancho) # 10b 52, Barrio Getsemaní. Cartagena, Colombia.


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