Archivo diario: 14 junio, 2016

Albert Vazquez

Albert Vazquez

Thanks again for your help and correspondence. I’m glad that I finally met you. I enjoyed learning in Sirle’s class, because she made it a fun and safe place to learn.

Danielle Owens

Learning spanish wasn’t the only benefit from attending Nueva Lengua—I was able to meet people from around the world and have made several friends that are now a part of my life here in Bogotá. The school offers activities in the afternoons and they were another great way to familiarize myself with Bogotá, continue practicing spanish and in some cases (such as the Comedor San Francisco activity) to see a different side of the city.

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Caroline Fulep

Caroline Fulep (Brasil)

E muita conversa! Falar da Nueva Lengua não é falar de um curso, mas das relações que se pode construir em tão pouco tempo em um país novo.