19 typical expressions of a Colombian mum

The mum is the most important  person in all the world. She not only gave us birth, she is a support, a friend, a doctor, a consultant, an helper and….a pain! She can be so […]

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why colombian are best workers

Why colombians are the best workers?

For 7 years I lived in London, and I have always been in contact with several colombians living there, included my ex boss, who is from Armenia, a city in the heart of the coffee […]

Interview with the teacher: Liliana from Bogotá

The “Interview with the teacher” of this week is with our Spanish teacher Liliana. She teaches in our Spanish School in Bogotá.   She is colombian but spent a part of her life in Venezuela. Her […]

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Celebrate the world book day with us!

The next 23 of April will be the world book day, and here in Colombia we are celebrateing with the opening of one of the biggest fair of the country: Filbo (Feria Internacional del libro […]

Celebra la giornata mondiale del libro con noi!

La prossima domenica 23 di Aprile sarà la giornata mondiale del libro, e qui in Colombia si festeggia alla grande con l’apertura di una delle fiere più importanti del Paese: Filbo (Feria Internacional del Libro […]

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Activity of the week: the Police Museum in Bogotá

This week, students from our Spanish School in Bogotá visited the city’s Police Museum which is situated in the historic neighborhood of La Candelaria. The museum is located in a beautiful ancient building, erected originally in […]

Interview with the teacher: Javier from Bogotá

This week we have the pleasure to introduce you Javier, one of our Spanish teacher in Nueva Lengua Bogotá. He tells us about his experience teaching and working for the Spanish school and show us […]

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7 Churches to visit during Holy Week in Bogotá

The Holy week is one of the most important celebration for Catholics. In Colombia it is felt and celebrated and there are different religiuos  celebrations in different parts of the country, especially during Thursday and […]